Maine Golf Report


From my first swing of the golf club I knew I was in trouble. There was something about the feel of contact when club met ball.  The sound of the solid (sort of) “whack” as it sailed away in a semi-straight manner.  I was hooked.  It’s a similar story shared by many who become enthralled with the great game of golf.  The pursuit of the perfect swing leads to that one majestic shot per round that keeps us coming back, despite the numerous other imperfect swings that surround it.

Many years ago I realized that my pursuit of the perfect swing was a futile endeavor so I turned my energies to promoting the game of golf so that others may find their own perfect swing. The Maine Golf Report will hopefully enhance your enjoyment of this great game and may even shave a stroke or two off your score. In the months to come we will cover all the golf news in our great state plus tournaments, interviews, golf tips, equipment and golf course reviews. You will also have the opportunity each month to answer our trivia question and win what every golfer desires…a day on the golf course.

See you on the course.

Peter McFarland